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We tried to answer some of the most asked questions about the airport transfer order and the services we offered. Apart from these answers, you can send us all your inquiries by phone (+90 252 417 2008), e-mail (info@seagulltransfers.com) or our contact form on our contact page.

What can I do if I have trouble making a reservation?

If you contact us and provide all necessary information for the reservation, we can make a reservation for you and send your ticket to your e-mail address.

How do I know if my booking is confirmed?

Your reservation will be confirmed within 12 hours and the Order Confirmation Mail will be sent to you. Please make sure that your order is confirmed.

How do I find you at the airport?

Dalaman Airport
After you collected your luggage please leave from arrival hall.You will see a ramp in front of you please walk down the ramp

After that you will see yellow taxis just in front of you at the end of the ramp please ignore them than just on left hand side you will see opposite you INDIVIDUAL MEETERS

There you will see our airport representative by holding your name and surname than he will show your driver.If you are unable to find your representative please contact with us from +9 0 541 374 58 89

Antalya Airport
After you collected your luggage please leave from arrival hall.You will see your driver holding your name and surname on the board.

Izmir Airport
After you collected your luggage please leave from arrival hall.You will see your driver holding your name and surname on the board.

Bodrum Airport
After you collected your luggage please leave from arrival hall.Please go to desk number 11-12 than Show your paperwor to airport representative please.

How To Book Private Transfers ?

First of all you need to choose your direction,arrival airport,resort where you hotel or apart based,passengers size include kinds and infants,transfer type and currency you wish to pay upon arrival to your driver.Please fill the blanks with correct details on reservation form than submit your booking after approve the booking conditions please. Once you submit your booking you will receive an instant email to your address you have supplied on form.If you dont receive it please check your junk folder on your email.Please double check the details you have put on form then reply to the email to complete your booking. You can print out the reservation form or you can keep it on your mobile and show your driver upon arrival or departure.

How Do We Pay ?

You just pay on arrival as we dont accept credit card or paypal.You are free to pay in British pounds,Lira,Euro or US Dollar.

Are Your Transfers Direct To Our Hotel?

All our transfers direct to your hotel or airport and we dont stop as long as you don't want.

Do I Have To Share My Private Vehicle With Others Or Another Drop Point ?

No you dont ever share your vehicle with any other people or drop point.

Can I Smoke In My Vehicle Or Drink ?

All our drivers are offer you free water during your journey.If you have already drinks with yourself you can off course drink in your vehicle also most our vehicles has fridge and our drivers can offer you gently also you can ask to driver for stop on the way.Unfortunately you are not allowed to smoke in our vehicles because of the rules and other customers who will be travelling with us wont appreciate the smell of smoke.

If We Are Seperate Parties From Different Flights,can We Share With Our Friends Or Family ?

Off course you can share also can be drop off or pick up from different hotels with no extra charge.

Do I Have To Pay Extra For Air Condition Vehicle Or All Your Vehicle Has?

You dont have to pay extra for air condition and all our vehicles are fully air conditioning.

Can I Book Transfer From/to Private Address?

Off course you can as we do door to door private transfers.

Do I Have To Call You For Confirm My Pick Up?

You dont have to call us for confirm your pick up as we already give you one once you booked your transfer.Off course you can contact us anytime you wish with no hesitate.

Do I Have To Pay Extra For Insurance On Your Vehicle?

You dont have to pay any exta for insurance as all our vehicles cover insurance.

Do I Have To Pay Extra For The Baby/Child Seats?

You don't have to pay any extra money for it.

What If My Flight Delay ? Do I Have To Call You?

You don't have to call us as our airport representative monitoring flights online.

Is Your Prices Cover Everything ? Or Do I Have To Pay Any Extra?

Prices which state in our website include everything except if you wish to have wifi or drinks you need to pay to your driver as we leave this to our drivers.

Do I Have To Pay On Arrival Full Amount?

If you booked return you have to pay all on your arrival as we made discount for it.If you would like to pay seperate will change.

How Can I Cancel My Booking ?

You can please contact us anytime you wish for cancel your reservation.

What If I Want To Cancel My Booking 12 Hours Before My Transfer ?

You have to pay us half money of your transfer cost as we already planed your vehicles for yourself.For any reason if you won't there you .

What Do I Have To Do If I Would Like To Change My Details ?

Please do not hesitate to contact with us. We can amend your transfer details and send your amended voucher to yourself.

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